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Installing the SingleStore DB Kafka Connector via Confluent Hub min read

This guide shows you how to install and configure the SingleStore DB Kafka Connector in Confluent Hub, via the following process:

  1. Make sure you satisfy the prerequisites.
  2. Install the connector.
  3. Configure the connector.


Make sure you have met the following prerequisites before installing the connector.

  • MemSQL version 6.8 or newer installed and running

Install the Connector and Add a Connection in Confluent

Install the SingleStore DB Kafka Connector via the Confluent Hub.

Run the Confluent Hub CLI installation command as described on the Confluent Hub:


Accept all of the default configuration options while installing.

Now that you have the connector installed, you can create a connection.

  1. Browse to the Confluent Control Center.
  2. Click Connect in the left side menu.
  3. Click Add Connector.
  4. Select SingleStore (MemSQL) Sink Connector.
  5. Select the topics from which you want to get data.
  6. Configure the connector properties.

For an explanation of the various configuration properties, see SingleStore DB Kafka Connector Properties.