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Toolbox State File (toolbox-state.hcl)


This topic does not apply to SingleStore Managed Service.

The Toolbox state file maintains a list of hosts that are part of the user’s cluster.

There are two types of hosts: Local and Remote. Remote hosts may optionally contain an ssh block that overrides default SSH configuration for that host.

Default location


If XDG_DATA_HOME is not set, ${HOME}/.local/share will be used instead (e.g., /home/alice/.local/share/memsql-toolbox/toolbox-state.hcl).




Example (empty)

The following is an empty state file.

version = 1

Example (3 hosts)

The following is a state file that specifies three host machines and their connection information.

version = 1

host {
  hostname = "memsql-01.example.com"

host {
  hostname = "memsql-02.example.com"
  localhost = true

host {
  hostname = "memsql-03.example.com"

  ssh {
    host = "memsql-03.example.com"
    port = 23
    privateKey = "/home/bob/.ssh/id_rsa"
    user = "bob"

secure = "dGhpc2tleWlzdGhpcnR5dHdvY2hhcmFjdGVyc2xvbmc="