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SingleStore Managed Service does not support this command.

Display the runtime environment for a SingleStore tool.


sdb-toolbox-config env [flags]
sdb-deploy env [flags]
sdb-admin env [flags]
sdb-report env [flags]

  -h, --help   help for env

Global Flags:
  -c, --config FILE_PATH       the Toolbox configuration file path
  -j, --json                   Enable JSON output
      --socket-dir FILE_PATH   where to put SSH ControlMaster sockets
      --state-file FILE_PATH   the Toolbox state file path
      --timeout duration       Maximum time for operation to complete (e.g., 30s, 10m, 1.5h)
  -v, --verbosity count        Increase logging verbosity
  -y, --yes                    Enable non-interactive mode and assume the user would like to move forward with the proposed actions by default


This command is interactive unless you use either the --yes or --json flags to override interactive behavior.


The following example uses the env command to display the current configuration paths for the SingleStore Tools.

sdb-toolbox-config env
| configFile |                                                             |
| stateFile  | /home/vagrant/.local/share/memsql-toolbox/toolbox-state.hcl |
| cacheFile  | /home/vagrant/.local/share/memsql-toolbox/toolbox-cache.hcl |
| socketDir  | /run/user/1000/singlestoredb-toolbox                               |
| sshBinary  | /usr/bin/ssh                                                |