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Workload Mgmt/Resource Governance

Workload Management

SingleStore DB’s workload manager automatically manages cluster workloads by limiting execution of queries that require fully distributed execution, to ensure that they are matched with available system resources. The workload manager improves overall query execution efficiency and prevents workload surges from overwhelming the system. When the system is low on connections, threads, or memory, queries are queued so they can run later when adequate resources are available.

For more information on the workload manager, see this guide.

Resource Governance

Related to workload management is the concept of resource governance. Resource governance allows queries to be run in resource pools. Optionally, you can configure queries to queue in resource pools, up to a limit that you specify.

While the workload manager functions system wide, resource governance allows management of resources at the user level, depending on resource pool assignment by user.

For more information on resource governance, see this guide.