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Connecting to Collibra Data Governance

Collibra Data Governance Center is an enterprise-oriented data governance platform that provides tools for data management and stewardship. The software allows enterprises to organize and manage data assets and related data policies and rules. It also provides a central location for storing these items to ensure that all business users are accessing the most current versions of these assets and policies.

This topic describes how to connect Collibra DGC (Data Governance Center) to SingleStore DB.

The certification matrix below shows the recommended versions for each product or component:

Certification Matrix Versions
Collibra DGC 5.6.5-4
SingleStore DB 7.1
MySQL JDBC Driver 5.1.38


Follow these steps to download and install the prerequisite software.

  1. Download Collibra version 5.6.5 for your platform (Windows/Linux).

  2. Install and Configure Collibra.

  3. Download the MYSQL 5.1.38 JDBC driver.

  4. Open DGC Agent using your browser: http://<IP Address of the server running the Collibra DGC>:4400/

Connecting Collibra DGC to SingleStore DB

  1. Open the Collibra DGC as above.

  2. Navigate to Catalog, click Create.

  3. On the Create pop up, select Register Data Source. Select MySQL on the Register Data Source pop up.

  4. Enter the Schema name and click Next.

  5. Upload the JDBC Jar (Version 5.1.38). Click Next.

  6. Create the JDBC driver for the selected JAR. Add the entries as shown below and click Update:

     Connections *
     Driver Class Name *

    The connection properties table should include the following information:

    Label Property Mandatory
    Host Name host X
    Port port X
    Database Name database X
  7. In the connection details pop up, enter the Schema Name, Host Name, Port, and Database Name. Enter the Username and Password for the database and click Next.

  8. The database is registered successfully.