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SingleStore DB Kafka Connector Properties min read

Configuration for the connector is controlled via the SingleStore DB Kafka Connector Sink configuration properties.

Confluent users will configure these properties via the Confluent UI.

The properties listed below show the SingleStore DB-specific properties. For a complete list of properties refer to the Apache Kafka documentation.

SingleStore DB Kafka Connector Sink Configuration Properties

Property Description Default
connection.ddlEndpoint (required) Hostname or IP address of the SingleStore DB Master Aggregator in the format host[:port] (port is optional). Ex. master-agg.foo.internal:3308 or master-agg.foo.internal
connection.dmlEndpoints Hostname or IP address of SingleStore DB Aggregator nodes to run queries against in the format host[:port],host[:port],… (port is optional, multiple hosts separated by comma). Ex. child-agg:3308,child-agg2 ddlEndpoint
connection.database (required) If set, all connections will default to using this database. empty)
connection.user SingleStore DB username. root
connection.password SingleStore DB password. no password
params.<name> Specify a specific MySQL or JDBC parameter which will be injected into the connection URI. empty
max.retries The maximum number of times to retry on errors before failing the task. 10
retry.backoff.ms The time in milliseconds to wait following an error before a retry attempt is made. 3000
tableKey.<index_type>[.name] Specify additional keys to add to tables created by the connector; value of this property is the comma separated list with names of the columns to apply key; <index_type> one of (PRIMARY, COLUMNSTORE, UNIQUE, SHARD, KEY).
memsql.loadDataCompression Compress data on load; one of (GZip, LZ4, Skip). GZip
memsql.metadata.allow Allows or denies the use of an additional meta-table to save the recording results. true
memsql.metadata.table Specify the name of the table to save Kafka transaction metadata. kafka_connect_transaction_metadata
memsql.tableName.<topicName>=<tableName> Specify an explicit table name to use for the specified topic.

Example Configuration

You can see an example configuration here.