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Memsqlctl State File (nodes.hcl)


This topic does not apply to SingleStore Managed Service.

The memsqlctl state file (sometimes called the “node metadata file”) contains information about SingleStore nodes that exist on that host.

Included are the location of the memsql.cnf used by that node and an encrypted password to use to connect to the node.

Default location





If you get an error that you are missing your node metadata file, make sure the permissions are set correctly for this file. By default, the “memsql” user must have access to it.

The location of this file can be overridden temporarily with the --node-metadata-file command-line flag or permanently with the nodeMetadataFile setting in memsqlctl.hcl.


Example 1 (empty)

The following is an empty state file.

version = 1

Example 2 (2 nodes)

The following is a state file for a host machine with two nodes.

version = 1

node {
  memsqlConfigPath = "/var/lib/memsql/e3e100b7-f432-4129-b7f6-ebfc7d3993d3/memsql.cnf"

  password {
    cipherText = "sXDnREUKCJ3d2M1i6Nf2GGVVwfLqFiIvHy/Z6g=="

node {
  memsqlConfigPath = "/var/lib/memsql/3825e8c8-5a5b-43f0-9162-8c8de242d661/memsql.cnf"

  password {
    cipherText = "J5t6bZiX+ktxWtifWbfOSBBrmTtd5PfrGOd3cA=="

secure = "q9gqg4JLdUiCcbwUPEQVWCdjmWezRrYT2ruvXy42/I4="