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Generate Cluster Reports

As of version 1.9.7, SingleStore DB Toolbox supports generating cluster reports via the Kube API for Kubernetes.


SingleStore Tools must be installed on the same Linux host that has Kube API access to the cluster. This is a requirement as the Kube config is first used to make the connection, and then generate and pull the report.

SingleStore Tools may be installed as per Install SingleStore Tools.

To generate a cluster report, run the following command.

The name of the cluster can be found by running kubectl get memsql.

sdb-report collect-kube -ns <name-space> --cluster-name <name-used-for-the-cluster>

Note: If the Operator logs are missing, run the following command.

kubectl label deployment <operator> app.kubernetes.io/component=operator

Refer to sdb-report collect-kube for more information.