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3.2 Release Notes

MemSQL 3.2 includes improved support for transactions, column store indexes as well as improvements to joins between tables with column store indexes.


MemSQL supports various methods for upgrading to version 3.2 depending on your current installation. For more information see: Upgrading MemSQL.

Improved support for transactions

This release of MemSQL has improved transaction capabilities and introduces support for multi-statement transactions. Multi-statement transactions allow a set of DML statements to be combined into a single transaction. For more information on transactions in MemSQL see: What isolation levels does MemSQL provide?

Improvements to the column store

MemSQL 3.2 adds support for extremely efficient queries against tables using a column store index through the introduction of sorted segments and segment elimination. This release also supports highly efficient joins between tables using column store indexes (including self-joins of a single table). For more information about how to take advantage of the MemSQL column store including the new features in MemSQL 3.2 see Columnstore.