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This topic does not apply to SingleStore Managed Service.

The memsql.cnf file stores engine variables whose values are loaded when a node starts. This file is a compatible extension of MySQL’s my.cnf file.


This file is usually located in a SingleStore node’s base directory, /var/lib/memsql/<unique_ID>/memsql.cnf.

To determine memsql.cnf's path on a node:

  • If your cluster is managed by the SingleStore Tools, run the sdb-admin describe-node command.
  • If your cluster is managed by the MemSQL Ops, run the MEMSQL-PATH command.

If you receive an error that memsql.cnf is missing, make sure the permissions are set correctly for this file. By default, the memsql user must have access to it.


You should not update the memsql.cnf file directly. Instead, use the methods described in the engine variables overview to set engine variables whose values you want to be loaded when a node starts.