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Lists any existing user-defined functions in the specified database, including user-defined scalar-valued functions (UDFs), user-defined table-valued functions (TVFs), and stored procedures.

SHOW PROCEDURES is an alias for this command.


SHOW FUNCTIONS [{FROM | IN} database_name] [LIKE pattern]


The SHOW FUNCTIONS command can be used to list functions in the current database or in another database. The function list returns the name for each function, whether they are a UDF, TVF, or stored procedure, and who is the function definer. To show user-defined aggregate functions (UDAFs), see SHOW AGGREGATES.


The following example lists each function in the current database.

| Functions_in_db1 | Function Type         | Definer        |
| myfunction       | User Defined Function | root@localhost |
| myprocedure      | Stored Procedure      | root@localhost |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

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