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Enable the Exporter Process min read


In most cases, both SingleStore DB Toolbox and SQL methods are provided to perform a given task. While either method may be used, the selected method must then be used throughout the remainder of the guide.

The memsql-exporter process (or simply “the exporter”) collects data about a running cluster. The user that starts the exporter (other than the SingleStore DB root user) must have the following permissions at a minimum:

GRANT CLUSTER on *.* to <user>
GRANT SHOW METADATA on *.* to <user>
GRANT SELECT on *.* to <user>

Stop the Existing Exporter Process

If you are currently using SingleStore’s former monitoring solution and are migrating to SingleStore’s new monitoring solution, stop the existing SingleStore DB exporter process by running the following commands on your Source cluster’s Master Aggregator host. Otherwise, skip to Start the New Exporter Process.

Note: Perform the following steps on the Source cluster Master Aggregator.

  1. Obtain the SingleStore DB exporter process PID.

    ps aux | grep memsql_exporter
  2. Kill the SingleStore DB exporter process.

    kill  <PID>

Start the New Exporter Process

Note: Perform the following steps on the Source cluster Master Aggregator.

SingleStore DB Toolbox

Run the following command to start the exporter. This command will start the exporter using the SingleStore DB root user and default port (9104). The exporter username and password are used to access the Source cluster. Refer to sdb-admin configure-monitoring for more information.

sdb-admin configure-monitoring \
--exporter-user root \
--exporter-password <secure-password>


You may start the exporter in the SingleStore DB engine by passing a user, port, and password to the exporter. The following example shows the the exporter being started with the SingleStore DB root user:

SET GLOBAL exporter_user = root;
SET GLOBAL exporter_password = '<secure-password>';
SET GLOBAL exporter_port= 9104;

How to Stop the Exporter Process

You may stop the exporter at any time by performing either of the following commands on the Source cluster Master Aggregator.

SingleStore DB Toolbox

sdb-admin configure-monitoring --stop-exporter


Use an engine variable to stop the exporter process by setting the port to 0.

SET GLOBAL exporter_port = 0;