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Audit Logging min read


This topic does not apply to SingleStore Managed Service.


As of the time of this publication, audit logging features are made available and licensed only as part of the SingleStore DB Advanced Security Option. Before using or implementing this functionality, please consult with your enterprise’s licensing administrator to confirm that your enterprise has purchased the necessary Advanced Security Option license from SingleStore.

SingleStore DB is capable of logging all database activity and writing the generated logs to an external location. Many logging levels are available, and each level provides limited or exhaustive information about user actions and database responses. This feature is useful for performing common information security tasks such as auditing, investigating suspicious activity, and validating access control policies.

This section explains how to enable, configure, and troubleshoot the audit logging feature in your cluster.


Ensure that your environment meets the following prerequisites:

  • MemSQL version 5.8.0 or newer: This version of SingleStore DB is required because it’s the first version that supports audit logging.

  • Required permissions for destination directory: Ensure that the destination directory has the required permissions to write log files. If SingleStore DB cannot write to a destination directory, then the database will become unresponsive.

  • Available disk space on log file directory: Ensure that the destination directory has enough disk space to write log files. If the disk runs out of space, the database will become unresponsive.

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