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Use this guide to install the singlestoredb-toolbox and memsql-server packages and migrate from MemSQL Ops to the SingleStore management tools for cluster management. The migration tool automates most of the migration process.

SingleStore Tools allow you to perform cluster management operations for setup, configuration, and diagnostics. Operations are done through CLI commands which can be easily scripted for use in a variety of deployment environments and scenarios.

Most of the tools are part of the singlestoredb-toolbox package. However, the lower-level management tool, memsqlctl, is part of the memsql-server package (which includes the SingleStore DB engine).

Along with these packages, SingleStore also offers a client application through the singlestore-client package to connect to your cluster and run queries.



This guide assumes that your cluster is running MemSQL v7.0 or later, which can be verified via memsql-ops memsql-list.

If your cluster is running an earlier version of MemSQL, it will be upgraded to MemSQL v7.0 as part of this migration.

In addition, this guide assumes:

  • The cluster components were installed via rpm, yum, apt, or dpkg. To verify that the cluster was created via package install, run the following commands on the Linux command line.

    Red Hat Distribution:

    sudo yum list --installed | grep memsql-toolbox --or--
    sudo yum list --installed | grep singlestoredb-toolbox --or--
    rpm -qa | grep memsql-toolbox --or--
    rpm -qa | grep singlestoredb-toolbox

    Debian Distribution:

    dpkg -s memsql-toolbox | grep Status --or--
    dpkg -s singlestoredb-toolbox | grep Status

    If none of these packages are installed, the cluster was likely deployed via tarball, and so the non-sudo version of the Ops to Tools migration guide should be followed instead.

  • The user that created the cluster has sudo privileges.

  • The user performing the migration has sudo privileges.

  • A root password has been set on all nodes in the cluster (Learn how to set root password).

  • The cluster is managed by MemSQL Ops v7.0 or later, which can be verified via memsql-ops agent-list (Learn how to upgrade).

  • Toolbox v1.3.0 or later, which can be verified via sdb-toolbox-config version and memsql-toolbox-config version (Learn how to upgrade).


Ensure that the following ports are open for use:

Port Type For
22 Inbound/Outbound SSH / SFTP
80 Inbound/Outbound MemSQL Ops
443 Inbound/Outbound SingleStore repository connection
3306 Inbound/Outbound SingleStore DB (default)

Secure-Shell Access

The installing user must be able to log into each host via ssh.



A host is a physical or virtual machine.


In SingleStore DB parlance, a node is a SingleStore DB database component of type aggregator or leaf.