Install SingleStore Tools min read

Download Files

The following instructions can be used to install SingleStore Tools.

Non-privileged (non-sudo) deployment of SingleStore DB is supported as of SingleStore DB Toolbox v1.3.0.

Download the following SingleStore packages onto a device with access to the Master Aggregator.

memsql-server singlestoredb-toolbox singlestore-client

Transfer Files

  1. Create a /home/<user>/memsql directory on the Master Aggregator.

    mkdir memsql
  2. Transfer the singlestoredb-toolbox, singlestore-client, and memsql-server files to this new /home/<user>/memsql directory.

Unpack Files

Perform the following steps on the Master Aggregator:

  1. Change to the /home/<user>/memsql directory.

    cd /home/<user>/memsql
  2. Unpack the SingleStore Tools files.

    tar xzvf singlestoredb-toolbox_<version>.tar.gz
    tar xzvf memsql-client_<version>.tar.gz