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Configure SingleStore DB Alerts min read

The sdb-report tool allows you to run a variety of recommended health checks on your cluster. As of Toolbox 1.9.0, sdb-report allows you to create and send email alerts through an SMTP server to immediately inform you of potential cluster health issues as they are identified.

These instructions will guide you through the setup and scheduling of the alert mechanism by configuring a local SMTP server (Postfix). This guide assumes you have an email client that you can use to receive emails from the SMTP server. You can integrate the alert mechanism with any SMTP email server and mail clients.

Refer to sdb-report send-alert for more information on the available command-line arguments.


  • A self-managed cluster running MemSQL v6.7 or later / SingleStore DB v7.1 or later
  • Toolbox version 1.9.0 or later
  • As alerting relies on iostat and sar, sysstat must be installed on each host in the cluster
  • An SMTP server
  • A text or UI-based email. This guide assumes that you have an email client that’s ready to receive emails
  • A job scheduling mechanism such as cron to schedule alerts