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MemSQL Studio Upgrade Guide


MemSQL Studio is designed to work with MemSQL 6.5 or later and is only supported on Chrome and Firefox browsers at this time.

Upgrading MemSQL Studio can be done through the package manager on the machine, instance, or container where MemSQL Studio is installed.

To update the memsql-studio package with YUM, run the following:

sudo yum update memsql-studio
  1. To update the memsql-studio package with APT, update the package lists for packages that need upgrading, as well as new packages that have just come to the repositories.

    sudo apt update
  2. Update the memsql-studio package.

    sudo apt install memsql-studio

If you’re running memsql-studio as a systemd service, it will be automatically restarted after you install the new version. However, if you’re running memsql-studio directly, you have to restart the server after installing the new version of the package.