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Toolbox Config File (toolbox.hcl)

The Toolbox config file overrides the default settings for a given user.

Default location


If XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not set, ${HOME}/.config will be used instead (e.g., /home/alice/memsql-toolbox/toolbox.hcl).




  • state: The path to the state file, where Toolbox stores the set of hosts that are part of the cluster.
  • cache: The path to the cache file, which Toolbox uses to speed up Toolbox commands.
  • runtimeDir: The path to the runtime directory, where Toolbox stores temporary session data.
  • user: The username of the user that is allowed to run Toolbox with this config file.
  • parallelism: The maximum number of operations to run in parallel.


Toolbox uses a description of the cluster that is stored the user’s home directory by default.

Running a Toolbox command as the root user (by using sudo, for example) will use a different cluster description than the one stored for your user. Toolbox should not be run with sudo, since it has no need for the elevated permissions.

If you intend to run Toolbox commands as root, add user = "root" to /root/.config/memsql-toolbox/toolbox.hcl. After you save this change, you will be able to run Toolbox commands as root.


The following example shows expanded system defaults for user alice on a 4-core machine:

version = 1
state = "/home/alice/.local/share/memsql-toolbox/toolbox-state.hcl"
cache = "/home/alice/.local/share/memsql-toolbox/toolbox-cache.hcl"
runtimeDir = "/run/user/1000"
user = "alice"
parallelism = 4