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Sets a global system variable.


SET GLOBAL variable_name = value

SET @@GLOBAL.variable_name = value


  • variable_name is the name of a global system variable.
  • The @@global.variable_name syntax for system variables is supported for compatibility with some other database systems. This is similar to MySQL behavior.
  • This command only changes the parameter for that specific node, not for every node in the cluster.
  • Changing a global variable causes the new value to be remembered and used for sessions, either until the variable is updated again or until a server restart occurs. This command does not make the change to the memsql.cnf file and does not make it persistent across restarts.
  • The recommended way to make persistent changes to variables is the MEMSQL-UPDATE-CONFIG command.
  • See How to Update System Variables for more information about other ways to change variables.


memsql> SET @@GLOBAL.redundancy_level = {1 | 2};

memsql> SET GLOBAL plan_expiration_minutes = time_value