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Restore data from a binary backup file.


RESTORE [DATABASE] db_name FROM "backup_path"


  • db_name is the name of a MemSQL database.
  • backup_path is the path used in BACKUP .
  • If you wish to restore the backup into a differently named database, you can do so by specifying the full path to the .backup file in backup_path. For example, you can do BACKUP DATABASE db TO './path/' followed by RESTORE DATABASE newdb FROM './path/db.backup'
  • The RESTORE command replays a binary backup file in the same manner in which MemSQL recovers a database snapshot during startup.
  • A RESTORE operation temporarily puts the database being restored into the recovering snapshot state. A database in this state cannot be queried. When the RESTORE command finishes, it puts the database into the online state. (see the Database topic for more information).
  • The path backup_path needs to be accessible by the memsqld process. Paths are resolved relative to the memsqlbin/data directory.
  • This command must be run on the master aggregator node (see Node Requirements for MemSQL Commands).

This MemSQL feature is only available in MemSQL Enterprise Edition. MemSQL Enterprise Edition includes 24x7 support and several enterprise-only features for critical deployments. For more information about MemSQL Community and MemSQL Enterprise, see the MemSQL Editions page.


The following example restores from the /var/lib/memsql/data/ directory.

memsql> RESTORE DATABASE memsql_demo FROM "./";
Query OK, 1 row affected, 2 warnings (44.52 sec)