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settings.conf (MemSQL Ops Configuration)

Each individual MemSQL Ops agent installation has their settings stored in <MEMSQL OPS HOME>/settings.conf. The possible configuration settings are:

Setting Description Default
user The user that the local MemSQL Ops agent should run as. MemSQL
interface The network interface that the local MemSQL Ops agent should use. First non-loopback interface
host The hostname that the local MemSQL Ops agent should use.
port The port that the local MemSQL Ops agent should use. 9000
ssl_port The SSL port that this MemSQL Ops agent should use, if SSL is configured. 9001
ops_datadir The directory to use as the root path for MemSQL Ops data directories, logs, and other files. data/
memsql_installs_dir The directory to use for MemSQL installs. /var/lib/memsql
spark_dir The directory to use for Spark installs and user provided JAR files. data/spark
backups_dir The directory where MemSQL Ops will store backup files. We recommend that this directory is an NFS directory. data/backups
user_analytics_disabled Setting this flag to true will disable the sending of usage statistics to MemSQL to improve product performance and diagnose issues. False
debug Whether or not to enable debug logging. False
log_rotate_interval The interval for rotating log files in hours. 6
log_archive_count The number of archived logs to retain. 28
spark_host The host that will serve as the Spark master. By default, this host is the MemSQL Ops primary agent.
max_file_upload_size The maximum file size that can be uploaded in the Ops web UI. 1024 MB
websocket_origins Comma delimited list of locations through which the MemSQL Ops UI will be accessed. The protocol + domain/ip + port must all be specified. For example, http[s]://HOST:PORT