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Connecting to Looker

​ Looker is an enterprise platform for business intelligence, data applications, and embedded analytic.

You can configure MemSQL to work with Looker, and then connect to MemSQL from Looker by following the Looker documentation.

This topic describes how to connect Looker to MemSQL.

The certification matrix below shows the latest versions tested for MemSQL and Looker:

Certification Matrix Versions
Looker 7.6.29 and later
MemSQL Database 6.x, 7.x


​ The following prerequisites need to be satisfied before making the connection: ​

  1. Looker portal is accessible and the user account has been created. ​
  2. Make sure the MemSQL Cluster is running on a server. ​ ​

Connecting Looker to MemSQL

​ This guide discusses connecting Looker to MemSQL with the following configuration: ​

  • MemSQL running on premises
  • MemSQL on Helios

The steps to connect are: ​

  1. Open the Looker portal. ​
  2. Provide user name and password to Log in. ​
  3. On the Looker home page, select Admin > Connections (under Database). ​
  4. On the Connections page, click Add Connection and provide the following details: ​
    • Name: < Name of the connection >
    • Dialect: MemSQL
    • Host: < IP address of the machine running MemSQL >
    • Port: 3306
    • Database: < Name of the database >
    • Username: < user name for the database >
    • Password: < password for the database > ​ Note: When connecting with Helios, provide the client endpoint URL from the cloud connection in place of the IP address. ​
  5. Click Test these settings and once successfully connected, click Add connection.

After this you can create projects to explore the Looker functions and features. For configuring additional MemSQL database properties go here.

Now you can start to work on your LookerML project following this link: https://docs.looker.com/data-modeling/getting-started/create-projects