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MemSQL Ops has been deprecated

Please follow this guide to learn how to migrate to SingleStore tools.

Adds a file to the MemSQL Ops internal database that can be used to install MemSQL or MemSQL Ops.

This is useful in situations where hosts have limited internet access to download and install MemSQL and/or MemSQL Ops. For example, users can download MemSQL installer manually, and use the following command to add the MemSQL database binary to MemSQL Ops.


usage: memsql-ops file-add [--settings-file SETTINGS_FILE] [--async] -t
                           {memsql,memsql_ops,spark,python_deps} [-f]

Add a file that can be used to install MemSQL or MemSQL Ops.

positional arguments:
  path                  The path to the file that you'd like to add.

optional arguments:
  --settings-file SETTINGS_FILE
                        A path to a MemSQL Ops settings.conf file. If not set,
                        we will use the file in the same directory as the
                        MemSQL Ops binary.
  --async               If this option is true, we will exit without waiting
                        for any MemSQL licenses to be fully registered (if
                        adding a MemSQL binary).
  -t {memsql,memsql_ops,spark,python_deps}, --type {memsql,memsql_ops,spark,python_deps}
                        The type of file that you are adding (e.g. an archive
                        containing a MemSQL binary).
  -f, --force           Overwrite any existing files with the same type and