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System Variables

Full List of System Variables

Name Description Example Setting
aggregator_failure_detection Aggregator heartbeat ON
autocommit Auto-commit transactions ON
basedir Base directory. .
character_set_client Client character set. utf8
character_set_connection Connection character set. utf8
character_set_filesystem File system character set. binary
character_set_results Results character set. utf8
character_set_server Server character set. utf8
character_set_system System character set. utf8
character_sets_dir Character sets directory. /var/lib/memsql/share/charsets/
collation_connection Connection collation. utf8_general_ci
collation_database Database collation. utf8_general_ci
collation_server Server collation. utf8_general_ci
compile_only Compile only (ON or OFF). OFF
connect_timeout Connection timeout. 10
core-file Core file (ON or OFF). ON
critical_diagnostics Critical Diagnostics (ON or OFF). OFF
date_format Data format. %Y-%m-%d
datetime_format Date / time format. %Y-%m-%d %H:%i:%s
default_partitions_per_leaf Number of default partitions by leaf. 8
error_count Error count. 0
external_user External user
flat_plancache Flat plancache (ON or OFF). OFF
flush-before-replicate Flush before replicate (ON or OFF). OFF
general_log General log (ON or OFF) OFF
hostname Host name. my_host
interactive_timeout Interactive timeout. 28800
kerberos_server_keytab Kerberos server keytab.
lc_messages Lc messages. en_US
lc_messages_dir Lc messages directory. /var/lib/memsql/share/
lc_time_names Lc time names. en_US
leaf_failure_detection Leaf failure detection (ON or OFF). ON
load_data_batch_size Load data batch size. 50
local_infile Local infile (ON or OFF). ON
lock_wait_timeout Lock wait timeout. 60
locked_in_memory Locked in memory (ON or OFF). OFF
master_aggregator Master aggregator.
max_allowed_packet Maximum allowed per packet. 104857600
max_connections Maximum connections. 8192
max_pooled_connections Maximum pooled connections. 256
max_user_connections Maximum user connections. 0
maximum_memory Maximum memory used, in MB. WARNING: do not set to more than 90% of system RAM 58982
maximum_table_memory Maximum memory for data, in MB. WARNING: do not set to more than 90% of system RAM 52428
memsql_version MemSQL version number.
memsql_version_hash MemSQL version hash.
net_buffer_length Net buffer length. 16384
net_read_timeout Net read timeout. 3600
net_retry_count Net retry count. 10
net_write_timeout Net write timeout. 3600
pid_file Location of the PID file. /var/lib/memsql/memsql.pid
pipelines_batches_metadata_to_keep The number of Pipelines batch metadata entries to persist before they are overwritten by incoming batches. 1000
pipelines_kafka_version The Kafka version used for the Kafka extractor.
pipelines_max_errors_per_partition 1000
pipelines_max_offsets_per_batch_partition The maximum number of data source partition offsets to extract in a single batch transaction. 100096
pipelines_max_retries_per_batch_partition The number of retry attempts for writing batch partition data to the destination table. 4
pipelines_stderr_bufsize The buffer size for standard error output in bytes. 1048576
pipelines_stop_on_error Specifies whether or not each pipeline in the cluster should stop when an error occurs. ON
plan_expiration_minutes Plan expiration limit (minutes). 720
port MemSQL port number. 3306
protocol_version Protocol version. 10
proxy_user Proxy user.
query_parallelism Query parallelism. 0
redundancy_level Redundancy level (1 or 2). 1
reported_hostname Reported hostname.
secure_file_priv Secure file privilege.
snapshot-trigger-size Snapshot trigger size. 268435456
snapshots-to-keep Snapshots to keep. 2
socket Socket. memsql.sock
sql_quote_show_create SQL Quote Show Create (ON or OFF). ON
sync-slave-timeout Sync slave timeout. 10000
system_time_zone System time zone. PST
table_precompiled_header Table precompiled header (ON or OFF). ON
thread_cache_size Thread cache size. 0
thread_handling Thread handling. one-thread-per-connection
thread_stack Thread stack. 1048576
time_format Time format. %H:%i:%s
time_zone Time zone. SYSTEM
timestamp Timestamp. 1391112305
tmpdir Temporary directory. .
transaction-buffer Transaction buffer. 67108864
tx_isolation Transaction isolation. READ-COMMITTED
version Version. 5.5.8
version_comment Version comment. MemSQL source distribution (compatible: MySQL Enterprise & MySQL Commercial)
version_compile_machine Version compile machine. x86_64
version_compile_os Version compile operating system. Linux
wait_timeout Wait timeout. 28800
warn_level Warning level. WARNINGS
warning_count Warning count. 0

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