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MemSQL Ops has been deprecated

Please follow this guide to learn how to migrate to SingleStore tools.

Recommends and optimizes the cluster for maximum performance.

  • If you have numactl installed, set up NUMA based on the number of cores and leaves
  • Recommends that you install new leaves if the number of leaves is less than what is recommended by the NUMA configuration
  • Ensure that the total amount of memory allocated for the leaves is less than the total memory of the machine
  • Set the default number of partitions per leaf to the best possible value based on the number of cores available and the total number of leaves


usage: memsql-ops memsql-optimize [--settings-file SETTINGS_FILE] [--async]
                                  [--memory-percentage MEMORY_PERCENTAGE]

Optimize the cluster for maximum performance.

optional arguments:
  --settings-file SETTINGS_FILE
                        A path to a MemSQL Ops settings.conf file. If not set,
                        we will use the file in the same directory as the
                        MemSQL Ops binary.
  --async               If this option is true, we will exit without waiting
                        for the cluster to be fully optimized.
  --no-numa             If this option is specified, we will not change NUMA
                        settings on any MemSQL nodes.
  --memory-percentage MEMORY_PERCENTAGE
                        The percentage of memory on each machine that we will
                        use for MemSQL.
  --no-prompt           If this option is specified, we will optimize the
                        cluster without prompting for confirmation.