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MemSQL Documentation

MemSQL is a distributed, relational database that handles both transactions and real-time analytics at scale. Querying is done through standard SQL drivers and syntax, leveraging a broad ecosystem of drivers and applications. Read the links below to get familiar with MemSQL:

  • How MemSQL Works Get a concise overview of MemSQL, including its architecture, and the features that allow it to be the fastest distributed relational database in the market.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Learn answers to frequently asked questions about MemSQL, including topics such as MemSQL durability, query compilation, deployment, management, paid support, and more.
  • Guides Learn how to deploy MemSQL clusters, load data, perform cluster operations, and so much more.
  • Concepts This section describes the MemSQL architecture, introduces MemSQL database concepts, and goes deeper into MemSQL features such as the column store, JSON, and geospatial types.
  • Tools This section describes the monitoring and management tool MemSQL Ops and how you can use with your MemSQL cluster.
  • Reference See a listing of SQL and CLI commands for interacting with and managing your cluster.
  • Release Notes See the latest changes for each version of MemSQL and its supporting tools.