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Memsqlctl Config File (memsqlctl.hcl)


This topic does not apply to MemSQL Helios.

The memsqlctl config file, memsqlctl.hcl overrides the default settings for the entire system.

Default location





  • nodeMetadataFile: The path to the state file, where memsqlctl stores the set of nodes on this host. This must be owned by the user specified by the user option.

  • defaultInstallDir: The default installation directory for SingleStore DB nodes created by memsqlctl and owned by the user specified in the user setting. By default, a node’s data and directories are rooted in a base install directory, which is in the default install directory. To locate the default install directory on a host, run the memsqlctl env command.

    Note: The memsql-server RPM and Debian packages configure defaultInstallDir to be /var/lib/memsql. On hosts with a tarball-based installation, defaultInstallDir defaults to tarInstallDir/nodes.

  • user: The username of the user that owns everything MemSQL-related on this host. This includes defaultInstallDir (and its contents), nodeMetadataFile, and any state related to MemSQL nodes (e.g., memsql.cnf files, data directories, log files, etc.). This is also the user that will run memsqld. To change this value, you will also need to update the permissions on all MemSQL-related files and directories and restart all MemSQL nodes on this host.

  • sslCaFile: The path to the certificate authority (CA) certificate file in the PEM format, which is used by memsqlctl to authenticate the SingleStore DB server certificate on each node. The path can be absolute or relative to the location of the memsqlctl.hcl configuration file.


To prevent unintentionally running MemSQL nodes as the root user, memsqlctl will error unless you explicitly set user = "root" in the memsqlctl.hcl configuration file.

The default installation process will create a memsql service user and associated group (of the same name) which will run MemSQL. All state owned by memsqlctl and nodes created by memsqlctl on this machine will be owned by the memsql linux user and group.


The following example shows a memsqlctl.hcl file with the default values.

version = 1
nodeMetadataFile = "/var/lib/memsql/nodes.hcl"
defaultInstallDir = "/var/lib/memsql"
user = "memsql"